Ace Wall Street Reporter Katie Benner Joins Our Team!

speaker photoI am delighted to announce that Katie Benner, the Wall Street reporting whiz over at Fortune Magazine, is joining our team as a reporter.

Katie is masterful at digging inside troubled companies and profiling senior executives and business leaders.

In nearly seven years at Fortune, Katie documented the financial collapse with must-read pieces like this one, which foresaw the government takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. (Check out her recent interview with Hank Paulson reflecting on the economy five years after the financial crisis.)

Katie also knows tech. She wrote an incredibly thorough and prescient piece about Michael Dell’s overly cautious management style two years ago. The major story was one of the many profiles about major business figures she’s known for. It was also part of her expansive repertoire of articles investigating troubled companies. (Her article about the impact of the financial crisis on hedge fund Plainfield Asset Management is a great read.)

More recently, she co-authored an article about venture capitalist Ellen Pao, who sued Kleiner Perkins over sexual discrimination, and her husband, hedge-fund manager Buddy Fletcher. The article set Silicon Valley abuzz.

Katie has also contributed to Fortune’s popular Term Sheet deals newsletter. Before joining Fortune, she worked at and at She was also a freelancer in Beijing, where she wrote about monks and music.

Anyone who has worked with Katie knows that whatever the story, she plunges in. We cannot wait for her to move out to San Francisco and join our team in early October. In the meantime, you can follow her herehere and here. (Warning: her Twitter account is quite witty!)