Welcome Eric Newcomer!

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I couldn’t be more excited to announce that Eric Newcomer is joining our team as a staff reporter!

Eric most recently covered City Hall for the Washington Examiner, where he scrutinized the District’s budget and monitored local elections. Before that, he was a prolific metro intern at the New York Times. (Check out his article about dissatisfaction with the Department of Environmental Protection.)

I first got to know Eric through his work at the Harvard Crimson, where he was associate managing editor before he graduated in 2012.  As a senior writer, he scrutinized campus life, co-writing an award-winning series on sexual assault and a prescient analysis of academic dishonesty at Harvard.

Eric is already hard at work reporting and sourcing in the Valley and putting his technology know-how to good use. (Warning: He’s a philosophy major. Don’t get him started on Thomas Nagel.)

You can find him and links to his awesome work here, here and here. I can’t wait to share more updates about our team soon.