Sun Valley “Q&A” with Apple’s Eddy Cue

SUN VALLEY, IDAHO– Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue is here attending his first Allen & Co. media mogul conference. We cornered him and here’s what ensued: (Spoiler alert: you don’t rise as far as he has at Apple without learning to say nothing.)

JL: Do you have any comment on today’s antitrust ruling finding Apple guilty of colluding to raise the price of digital books?

Cue: (Smiles and shakes his head.)

JL: Are you talking to any cable guys here?

Cue: There are cable guys here?

JL: How is Apple doing?

Cue: Great. We just launched iOS 7. It is in my pocket. It has a great new design. Makes your everyday life better.

(Smiles, flashes a peace sign and walks away).